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Southborough Hub Update – 10 January 2018

Please find below an update on the Southborough Hub development.

The legal requirements for the planning application (S106) have now been signed by the three councils which validates the planning. This has taken time due to some legacy issues on the site including unregistered land and the complexity of having a tripartite agreement.

The signing of the S106 now allows Crest Nicholson’s planning application to be considered for approval.

It moves the sale of the enabling development one step closer, thereby removing a major funding risk from the project.

The planning application for the engineering works to the football fields was unanimously passed by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. The project is now seeking to go out to tender for the works in early 2018 and the contract will look to commence later in the year. Tunbridge Wells Youth Football Club are working with the project to deliver this element which is progressing well.

The football club and Southborough Town Council’s workmen’s temporary accommodation has been agreed by both parties and a planning application will shortly be submitted for temporary units to be installed on the Ridgewaye, with other off-site storage also being agreed.

The football club are making good progress on their fund raising towards the new football pavilion which is a requirement of gaining the Football Foundation Grant of £400k.

The Business Planning consultant for the FA bid has been in contact and has advised that due to other FA projects falling away the pavilion should potentially be seeking to increase their ask of the FA. The project will work with the business planner to determine the best outcome from the FA going forward.

Several meetings have now taken place with the NHS and work is progressing on moving this element forward. The changes currently taking place in the NHS mean that they do not have as defined a process as they would like. This is likely to contribute to this element of the project being the slowest and partners are working well together to ensure it can be delivered.

The tender on the contractor for the Southborough Hub has now been issued with a closing date of mid-February. There has been strong interest in the project from the market with regard to the scheme and we will update further post receipt of tender returns.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in the project.

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Many thanks

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Southborough Community Hub Development Consultation Analysis Report

Following the Consultation on the development of the Southborough Hub, the results were analysed by an independent Company.

To view their report, please click on the link. Southborough Hub Consultation Report


Equality Impact Assessment

To see the latest update click the link.


Please note – Minutes with a ‘d’ beside them indicate that these are draft and may be amended at the next meeting.

Redacted minutes of the Southborough Hub Project Board Meetings – It is necessary to take out any commercially sensitive information.

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Redacted minutes of the Southborough Hub Working Group Meetings – It is necessary to take out any commercially sensitive information.

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Collaboration Agreement (signed 04.07.2016)

Southborough Community Hub – Viability Presentation (03.10.14)

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