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Press Release

12 September 2017

Here is an update on the Southborough Hub project.

Demolition on the site is complete and all outstanding issues with utility providers have been resolved.

Crest Nicholson have held their consultation event on the residential development and KCC and Crest have now finalised the draft contract for the sale of the residential land. The draft contract needed to specify how the two sites would be managed during the build phase and who would be constructing what elements of the scheme, given that the main access road, car parking, drainage, utilities and significant public realm would be split to some degree over both sites. All these elements have now been agreed.

Work has been completed on the detailed designs for the Hub. The NHS have requested a number of substantial internal changes to the designs of the GP surgery and we continue to work with them to finalise their requirements. Subject to these elements being completed and KCC governance procedures being signed off, the designs are ready to go out to tender for a contractor. Once tenders are returned the project will know to what degree the project will have to be value engineered to deliver the project on budget.

The Theatre Consultant has continued to advise the project in terms of designs including potential value engineering options should they be needed.

Partners have worked up indicative designs on the furniture fit out and minor changes are being made to them subject to feedback from partners.

The project has met with the FA over the FA Foundation Grant. The FA will support an application for £400k based on the pavilions current size and are looking for submission in 2017. The planning application for the improvements to recreational land has been completed and will shortly be submitted. This will see the land being leveled out slightly to increase the playable surface area for the football clubs.

JVIP, new owners of Lloyds Bank are progressing with their work and have been in contact with the project over their aspirations for the Water Margin and Lloyds bank land. The partners including the housing developer are seeking ways to facilitate a comprehensive solution that would improve the Southborough High Street offer. This would include removing the flat roof extension of the Water Margin and restoring the property back to its original features.

The draft S106 agreement awaits KCC calling in of the TWBC and STC land in order to validate legal agreements and planning. KCC governance procedures are underway to allow this to happen but delays with finalising the NHS changes may yet impact on sign off for this work.

Many thanks

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Projects and Operations Manager
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Kent. ME14 1XX

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Southborough Community Hub Development Consultation Analysis Report

Following the Consultation on the development of the Southborough Hub, the results were analysed by an independent Company.

To view their report, please click on the link. Southborough Hub Consultation Report


Equality Impact Assessment

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